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Stimulate your child's language development

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Using routines to encourage verbal communication, such as story time, bath time and washing dishes.


Give them opportunities to communicate

Sample icon 2 Do not always anticipate your child's needs. If you know he wants something give him the chance to express it.

Make reading to your children a daily activity

Sample icon 3 Besides being a way to share time with your children, reading to them will also help your children's literacy skills. 

  • 15 tips to enhance literacy and language in preschoolers

    Talking and Reading go hand in hand. Here are some of my favorite activities to transform your home in a language and literacy rich environment. They all promote being exposed to letters, expanding language skills and having experiences with reading and writing. I tried to group them according to a targeted skill but they all overlap. Have fun!


Baby signing classes!

Starting in 2011 A Love For Language will begin offering WeeHands baby sign language classes.

More on baby signing

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  • Tips for Promoting Gross Motor Development

    Over the last few years many of my friends and relatives have had kids of their own. As a result I often get questions from them regarding what their baby or child should be doing. I understand that advice and opinions can be taken with a grain of salt and everybody does things differently but I thought I'd share with you, the top pieces of advice I've given as a result of all the questions.


  • Raising bilingual children: How to compete with the mainstream language

    Raising bilingual children is all about celebration. Celebrating, enjoying , embracing and accepting our roots as well as our current environment. My suggestions come from my own experience as a speech-language pathologist, as a parent and from what I have seen work in other families.


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