A Love for Language offers WeeHands!

Starting in 2011 A Love For Language will begin offering WeeHands baby sign language classes!

The idea of offering parent child classes began when Lucy Windevoxhel, M.S., CCC-SLP, a bilingual speech-language pathologist and owner and operator of A Love for Language, was taking her own daughter to 'mommy and me classes'. As a first time parent, being able to share with other parents the questions, concerns and joys of parenting was a wonderful experience. Lucy also noticed that many parents were either amused or amazed by Lucy's daughter's use of sign language, which began at 9 months of age. Using sign language came naturally to Lucy since in her profession sign language is frequently used to facilitate language acquisition in nonverbal children.

While investigating about formal sign language classes for parents and children WeeHands immediately caught Lucy's attention. "The first thing I loved about the WeeHands philosophy is the use of American Sign Language (ASL), the formal language used by the Deaf Community in North America. ASL is a true language, therefore when we teach babies ASL they are growing up bilingual, and because ASL uses only hands to communicate it is very easy and natural to use signs and speech simultaneously. I also loved that their class curricula include information in age-appropriate language stimulation which is something I do daily as part of my job. I am looking forward to help other families enjoy the benefits and the joys of signing and stimulating early language development with their babies!"

For additional information on WeeHands classes in your area, please email us.

Published in Sign Language Written by  Lucy Windevoxhel
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