A Love For Language, Inc. is a company that was launched in December 2008 by Lucy Windevoxhel, M.S., CCC-SLP. Lucy, a bilingual speech-language pathologist, and owner and operator wanted to offer speech and language evaluation and therapy services at home and school settings.

The philosophical principles that guide A Love For Language, Inc are:

  • The development of communication arises from every day interactions of children with their parents and those skills are the foundation for early language development, so early stimulation is of paramount importance.
  • Parents know their children better than anyone and children spend more time with their parents than in therapy, therefore parents are integral members of the intervention team.
  • Therapy for young children should revolve around the interests of children if we want to maximize their learning and language acquisition. It is easier to adapt the goals of therapy to a child's interest than to adapt the child's interests to the goal of therapy.
  • No two children are alike, so therapy must be individualized to each child's needs and abilities.