Alison Astair

Alison Astair MSW, Psychotherapist, Behavioral Specialist & Parent Coach has been helping parents for over 30 years. Alison has been featured on Channel 4 and quoted in numerous blogs and websites, providing her expertise on parenting issues. She specializes in parent coaching and knows the importance of solving behavioral issues and getting your child on the right track! “Problems just don’t go away. It’s important to learn effective parenting skills that work!”

She has been providing in the home Parent Coaching for close to 20 years. Her innovative techniques and customization to each family’s particular needs have proven successful time after time. There are many parent testimonials on her website which will help parents see that they’re not alone! “There really can be more peaceful parenting!”

A strong believer in “Paying it Forward”, and giving back, she recently started a Facebook Parenting Coach page where she posts parenting tips, articles and is also open for questions from parents. She is the Behavioral Expert for the Ft. Lauderdale examiner and writes for various papers. For testimonials and information regarding services visit her web site for further information.

Visit Alison on her Facebook Parenting Coach page or on her website:

Contact her by email: [email protected]

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